New Squatter Camps Emerging across Europe


I think that the thousands upon thousands of migrants who arrive on Europe’s Mediterranean shores are just the tip of the iceberg. They just keep coming, and the fact that they may die along the way crossing the sea doesn’t seem to act as a deterrent. With these waves of humanity arriving on the shores of different European countries, the question arises as to where they are all going to live, especially as their future in Europe doesn’t seem to be particularly certain. Even the most well prepared countries seem to no longer be able to meet European Union standards for processing such massive numbers of applicants. Such over-crowding is a recipe for squatter camps.

the squatter camp crisis

It seems terrible that countries like Greece and Italy do what they can to receive these hordes, who just move on to the more wealthier countries such as Germany and Sweden. Already Germany has seen tent camps going up in their cities and having to cope with a sense of un-orderliness. No wonder countries like Hungary have erected barbed-wire fencing. With dwindling resources to cope with so many people, it just seems inevitable that squatter camps with all their social problems will be these countries lot in the future. It just seems as though a sense of chaos is starting to emerge in Europe.


When Kids Become Squatters in their Parents’ Homes

Your idea of a squatter may well be someone who puts up a makeshift house to live on any piece of land they can find. But there are squatters who occupy the multi-million pound houses of their parents, who don’t work and who spend their allowances on parties, especially when their parents are out of town.  One wonders what is worse. Of course with the high cost of living and the unemployment rate, one can expect homeless people who don’t have a roof over their head to squat wherever they can find available land.

squats - what do they mean

On the other hand, for a lot of very wealthy people, squatting for their kids has become a lifestyle. There are many others who don’t want to work and they simply stay on living with their parents with no intention of moving out. Many have social behaviour problems such as as drug taking and alcohol binges. There’s no doubt I imagine that lots of these kind of people are suffering from personal issues and they just want to live rent-free and job free while some-one else provides them with a roof over their heads and a free meal.

Squatting an Alternative Culture

If you think squatters are law breakers well that is wrong to say. Every seventh man is a squatter, and it is global. So, are we seeing the formation of a new alternative culture? Yes indeed and rapid urbanization is responsible for that. It is just like we have snatched the jungles of wild animals and they are forced to cities. Man is facing the same.

With a town becoming a city and a large one , it attracts people from smaller towns and villages. They come in for work and ultimately settle down here. They imbibe the city more than flat owners. Ask a squatter and he/she will tell you how much they love the city.


There are many reasons for the formation of this group though, not just poverty. Squatters also help in preserving old monuments from vandalism. Yes , it has been estimated that almost 80 percent of the heritage sites which are unlisted and uncared are protected just because of this unique culture of squatting. Then there are the political reasons. Squat houses are always buzzing with political activities. A discussion on the current state of the city, country and world is all there. Many squatters have gone on to become great leaders too. Only we do not know of them when they were there squatting in somebody’s house.

So friends next time you see a squatter , remember he could be your Prime Minister or President after 10 years. Treat him properly as he is also a human being. Not well to do but might be having a brilliant mind.

How to deal with a squatter at your home?

Squatter in your home

After a marvelous trip to Mexico you are finally home. But as you are on your doorsteps, something g does not feel right. You enter and find a burly man sitting on your sofa and watching movie on your LCD. You cannot fathom who this person is. This person is no alien, he is a squatter. Squatters are people who occupy home or land that seems abandoned or unused. How do you deal with such a situation when a squatter comes to your home. Here are a few practical tips:

  • Ask the squatter to leave nicely – Communicate with the person. He may look to be a bit rude but most squatters do not want trouble. They are nomads and will leave your property, and will not require threatening on most occasions.
  • Call the police – If the squatter will not leave the property, even after you ask him nicely call the police. Tell the police about the squatter occupying your property. Police intervention will generally solve the issue. Keep the papers of your property if the police wants to have a look at it.
  • Detainer services – In case you do not want police to be involved(Some people are wary of police involvement), take the services of a professional detainer. The detainer will forcefully evict your property.
  • Avoid having the same lock forever – Change your locks periodically so that duplication of keys cannot be done. This will keep the squatters at bay.

On an end note never leave your property unattended. If you are out for sometime, keep a caretaker. This will help you not get involved with a squatter.

Squatting in Germany

In another, multicultural, young and innovative city, Berlin, squat houses are afforded the space to thrive and offer normalized opportunities that most cities would frown upon. Berlin has been a center for the arts and a place of acceptance. Diverse communities represent the demographic of Berlin and they each have a voice. Squats in Berlin, sometimes statements against capitalism, sometimes a push for space to freely practice, say yoga, or even offer Mario Kart tournaments.

Squat Houses - The Revolution

Squat Houses – The Revolution


Mostly, squat houses in Berlin are an attack on convention. Whether conventional art galleries or even conventional concepts of restaurants, Berlin’s squat houses offer eclectic atmospheres which not necessarily every expert in the field would accept what is going on, or the direction of creative expression. Nevertheless, these spaces persist and are ever-developing to mold to the community they are surrounded by.

This culture is seemingly one founded in the beliefs and movements tied to the fall of the wall and the revolution of ideas throughout the 90s. Communities, namely in the east, could finally convene and debate without the looming threat of surveillance. From the likes of it, whole streets were almost taken over by squat houses. During the time it must have been an atmosphere filled with people yearning to let themselves go, let their creative sides take over. Whether that meant partying non-stop or challenging contemporary political discourse, it didn’t matter. The idea was that everyone had a space to be free and act as they please.

Berlin has become the capital for expression and artistic ingenuity in Europe, let alone the world. This could very well be a product of the society that has been allowed to flourish. The crackdown on the squat houses by the government is spoiling the natural freedom and the spirit.You can get loans for building a squat house of your own here in UK. For more information read more.

Choosing the best squat houses

A lot of people take to squatting on a regular basis. Squatting is not the easiest task in the world, but if you do the necessary research beforehand, it will become much easier for you to find the right place. People choose to squat for a number of reasons. Squatting is legal in many countries around the world too- you just have to make sure that you are not squatting in property that is out of bound. It might be troublesome for you to keep track of what property is out of bounds or not, which is why it is better for you to join a sqautters’ network. There are a number of websites and sources that provide squatters with all the information they need and even post the addresses of places that are open for a particular period of time. These sources will also ensure that you have a support system in case anybody tries to bully you out of your chosen residence.

Squatting Basics

It is a safer option for you to squat with a number of people, instead of squatting alone. This will protect you from theft or other dangers, and make sure that you have some company in these areas. Before you move to any squat house, just make sure you have done your research. It’s always good for you to know where you are going to be squatting beforehand, especially if you are planning on doing it for an extended period of time.

Why Squatting is So Accepted


There was a point in time where coming home to find someone living in your house would result in that person being in big trouble. The nerve of the dirty vagrant! What’s wrong with the homeless! What is this squatter doing here!? However, attitudes have changed around much of the world when it comes to squatters. Not only are punishments for squatters very lax in this day and age, it’s also illegal to dispose of squatters in some places like France.

But why has it become socially acceptable to squat? To the point, in fact, that many major cities in the world have squatting houses that make up entire neighborhoods! Part of the reason is the rise of progressive empathy for those who have less. It’s no secret that the world economy is split, and far from equally. There’s the 1% with pretty much everything, the 49% that does well enough, and then the other 50% that basically live a hand-to-mouth existence. It’s too much trouble to round people up who don’t have permanent residence. It ties up the system; it costs a fortune; and it’s just impractical. Allowing people to squat, on the other hand, not only frees up resources, but it’s a kindness.

Squatters’ rights are taken very seriously in a lot of nations, and it won’t be long until the UK has adopted some serious squatter rules. Not everyone is looking forward to it, but it’s a day that’s coming.